About Handmade in Donegal

Herbs and spices, plants and flowers have been used in cosmetics for thousands of years. Unfortunately, they were superseded by mass-produced synthetic products which could be manufactured with greater economy but which were inevitably less pure. Handmade in Donegal was borne out of this desire to go back to the ancient ways. It has been possible to rediscover original formulae for many of the old beauty preparations because they were handed down from generation to generation and some were eventually written down in old family recipe books. I have taken these recipes, infused them with my love of plants and flowers, and developed my range of soaps and bathing products to give you the best in natural beauty.

Everything I make here is just as nature intended, so it is kind to you and your skin. You will never find any "nasties" like parafin and parabens and synthetic fragrances in any of my products, just the finest essential oils, butters and waxes. To create the earthy colours in my soaps, I simply add herbs, spices or clays.

Chandlery is another ancient art which has been lost to the mass-produced paraffin and synthetic candles of the High Street. Again, I wanted to go back to the old-fashioned ways, and here I have given them a modern twist by using eco-friendly soya wax. Soya wax is clean-burning and is not associated with the health risks of paraffin wax. Again, I use nothing but the finest essential oils to sent my candles to bring you a unique and exquisite gift.