All our soaps are made using Victorian and artisan recipes. They are handmade in small batches to maintain quality and freshness. They are then cut by hand so that no two bars are exactly the same.

Our soaps are free from parabens, palm oil, SLS and SLEs, and paraffin products. Nor do they contain any animal fats or ingredients, so each bar is vegetarian friendly.

Our soaps are scented with nothing but the finest essential oils and they obtain their earthy colours from herbs, spices and clays.

Our recipes were deveoped to bring you a very gentle and moisturizing bar of soap, so they are suitable for use on sensitive skins.

Our soaps are left to cure for 6 weeks before reaching your bathroom, so they are mild enough to use straightaway. As a result of this saponification process, soap becomes packed with vegetable glycerin which will attract moisture, so we recommend that you allow your soap to dry out between uses to stop your soap going soggy. Natural soaps love to breathe.

Handmade soaps mature with age and will stay mild and useable for a few years. However, to enjoy the scent of the essential oils, we recommend you use your soap within 6 to 12 months of purchase.